19 Pages builds mini web sites In my last post Backyard Local Web Sites Produce Consistent Income, I talked about taking a small concept or theme and creating a site based in your local area. I also mentioned that you don’t have to use WordPress or be a rocket scientist to created a “Mini-Site” that produces online income.

This post is part of the How to Build Income Online Series!

Awhile back I stumbled on 19 Pages, a completely FREE script to product mini web sites in record time. It cost NOTHING, and you don’t have to sign up for somebody’s “list” just to get it either. It’s a one-click simple honest download you’ll be proud to tell your friends about. You can have a mini-web site setup with quality content in under 30 minutes (if you can write!). Sometimes WordPress and other scripts (BANS) is just WAY TOO overblown for a simple idea you can quickly create a mini web site for.

Literally, just follow these steps:

  • Download the zip file (free)
  • Upload to your server
  • Load up the site in a browser (as admin/admin)
  • Change your password
  • Edit your homepage
  • Choose your theme (any of the 5 free included ones
  • Add additional content pages
  • Monetize sidebar / header / footer
  • You’re Done!

I want you to understand how EASY this software is to use. After your first upload in this is what you see:
19 pages

There is absolutely NO database required AT ALL. This script is lightweight, has pretty (permalink like) URL’s, and is FAST!

Here’s the very basic admin screen:
19 pages

19 Pages contains only the essentials necessary for mini-site development. You can use one of 5 included templates, and add and edit pages and content. Pages added are included in navigation. The entire site can be easily monetized by modifying the template with banners, ads, or adsense in the header, footer, sidebar, or above or below the content.

Editing pages is simple and easy. Give them a title, edit the content, and you can even add custom meta descriptions and keywords for each page.

19 pages mini web site

I’m sorry – this is the easiest NO BRAINER I’ve ever seen! My GRANDMA could make mini-sites with 19 pages! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – try this software out for quick and easy web sites today.

I made a test web site in just 10 minutes (haven’t monetized it yet), check it out here: Toledo Hall Rental