Looking for the best plugin to add incredible content to WordPress posts? If (like me), you’ve been manually searching youtube, image sites, wikipedia, and your old blog for content and things to link to, you’ll be very happy at what I’m about to show you.

This post is part of the Managing WordPress More Effectively series.

I’ve long been a proponent of “original content”, and even thought a lot of the content within this web site is about setting up WordPress powered affiliate stores, niche stores, and trying to make money with WordPress, we all know that to be successful you must have completely original and unique content. There’s nothing worse than going to a site with 3 sentence posts and links to affiliate content. Then again, on a site rich with media and content – I don’t even seem to notice if they have affiliate links.

Insights might just be the best WordPress plugins I’ve installed in a very long time. That’s saying a lot, because I’ve been on a roll lately gettig rid of old plugins that I no longer need. That coupled with the fact that WordPress now does a lot of things out of the box that it didn’t used do – has meant that I’ve been able to remove and permanently delete at least a dozen plugins that were formerly a staple in every WP powered site that I owned.  This is why I’m so geeked about what it does…

It’s better if I show you an example.  I play guitar, and I have a blog about guitar gear called Guitar Review.  I put all kinds of guitar related things on that web site, and there was a time when I’d post videos I liked with information about certain guitar players.  I haven’t done that in a long time because it’s time consuming, I have soooo many blogs now, and lots of client work.  I just installed “Insights” on that blog and I’m going to take you through creating  a new post about Billy Gibbons – the guitar player from ZZ Top (whom I love!).

Adding Images


The insights dialogue box appears below your content box for each post.  I selected “image” and did a search for “Billy Gibbons, and got results from flickr.  I choose a Medium 500px picture I liked and clicked on it, and it auto-added it to my posts.  This works in either HTML or Visual Editor mode.  In settings you can adjust the amount of search results you want to get.  Keep in mind that the page doesn’t have to refresh, this is all Ajax and the search results come up in real-time on your new posts creation page as you’re writing!

Adding Video


In this example I clicked on “video” and searched for Billy Gibbons.  When you click on one of the videos it actually comes up above the search results, and you can play it to see if it’s what you want.  When you find a suitable video, just click “Add Video” and it automatically adds the code to your posts!  If you’ve ever had to find YouTube videos for your posts, you should immediately know what a time saver this is to be able to search, view, and add videos right from a post creation page!

Search Wikipedia, Google, News, Blogs, and Books

The ability to do research within a post now is just incredible.  You can search wikipedia, and add the links directly to your post quickly and easily. You can also search google, google news, or google blog search.  Of course these are all available invidually – but I think sometimes when you’re writing a posts you might do research strictly in google, and forgot about search just official news outlets or what bloggers have to say.  The one that got me was google book search.  This is a search that I just never perform, and there are nuggets of gold available in there you probably have no clue about.  Let me give you an example.


I did a quick search of  billy gibbons using the “books” option in insights and got these results.  The one from “Texas Monthly” seemed interesting so I clicked on it, and this is what popped up in a new window:


Check it out, it’s an article about ZZ Top from the “Texas Montly” magazine originally published in 1976 – when they were just starting to grow beards!  I was aware of the fact that google scanned in books for some libraries and universities – but when did they start scanning all sorts of old magazines?  A bunch of the results are from old guitar magazines as well!  I’m sorry, whatever your niche is – this is an awesome source for research and new content!

Finding Your Own Posts

One of the habits you should get into is regularly linking your past posts whenever possible.  It keeps people reading your blog for longer periods of time, it’s helpful in building backlinks for your site, and helps readers out too when you specifically link directly related posts that a “related posts plugin” might not pickup.  The only problem is – you have to FIND those posts!  And if you’re a prolific blogger the only hope you might have is searching your own blog!  I think that this one feature of Insights is worth having the plugin for alone.  I mean, the other features are AWESOME, but I would have downloaded the plugin for this single feature by itself.  On my example post I’ve been working with, I did a Search for Billy Gibbons to find my past posts about him in the Guitar Review blog – BAM there they were!  Not only can you click to add the link to your new posts, but you can also click to view, and click to “edit” the post, how awesome is that?



I love this plugin, I can’t say enough good things about it! It’s completely free, and I’ve seen plugins like this for sale before. It’s created by Vladimir Prevolac, view his other WordPress Plugins. He’s also the creator of 18 other WordPress plugins, including Theme Test Drive. He has 2 free WP themes for download as well. Thank you Vladimir, for the plugin I’ve been waiting for – for a very long time!  I didn’t even mention in the post that this plugin also has a “google maps” feature where you can add google maps to blog posts – making it even more valuable!

Download Insights WordPress Plugin here

You can view the posts I created while writing this article here: Billy Gibbons:  Guitar Player of the Week