I use WordPress for nearly all of my web sites, but I still own two Drupal sites. As I posted previously, I moved all my sites to GoDaddy within the last month, and these two sites were no exception. I started up a premium account, and had a main domain, and then in their control panel I mapped domain names to sub-folders. This is very handy for me in ftp, all of my web sites are available to me in one place, separated only by folder.

At first my Drupal sites appeared to work fine when I migrated them. However, it was only the home page. Any link you clicked on came up server error – both Drupal sites. I knew GoDaddy allowed Drupal, they have an autoinstall available for it in Metropolis. I setup a test dir and installed Drupal there using the automated tool. It had the same problem. Now I knew that it wasn’t my site, it was a GoDaddy problem. I called GoDaddy tech support and they raised an elevated ticket to the an advanced tech. I explained the problem to him, and told him I thought it had something to do with the .htaccess files or server setup. His response was that they “don’t debug code”.

I was going to respond when I figured out what the problem was. My main domain had it’s own (wordpress) .htaccess file. I thought at first that was the problem. Then I remembered, when you have a shared host with domains mapped to sub-directories it’s setup in the apache httpd.conf file I believe (hardcoded). Essentially, when a request comes in to that IP address from a domain name, the web server knows which folder to forward it too. (Without some customization) I don’t think the web server could handle that redirect, on top of an .htaccess file rewriting the URL’s to ‘clean url’s’ (permalinks).

So – long story short, IF you have an GoDaddy hosting account, and IF you have multiple domain names (and you’re planning on using clean URL’s), you can only do it from the root of your account (or main domain name) only. I did fix the problem, but ended up buying two additional basic hosting accounts ($3.99 per month) for each domain, and then both sites worked flawlessly.

If you have some other fix (or comment) related to hosting Drupal or WordPress sites at GoDaddy – please comment now below!