Since I first announced participation in the HAHD challenge – or Hundred Articles submitted to Ezine Articles in 100 days I’ve had a lot of comments ranging from “I don’t have the time” to “I can write an article in the time it takes to shower, that’s easy”.

Of course when you submit the articles it can take 3-5 days to get approved, and this challenge started on Jan 11th, but so far I only have 5 articles actually published – but more are pending review.

Here are the ones that have been published so far:

Article #100: eBay Quality Click Pricing Model: Good or Bad?

Article #99: Free Ways to Build More Backlinks

Article #98: Become a Blogging Good Samaritan

Article #97: How to Create a Checklist for Switching Themes

Article #96: What Did I do to Make Money today?

If you’re interested in taking part – it’s still not too late! Read my Original post about the HAHD challenge. Another great reference is my Guide to Article Marketing. Get writing!