Platinum Author Ezine Articles Time for an update on my participation in the HAHD Challenge. I have 16 published and approved articles in the challenge, and 84 to go. I submitted 10 articles in this last batch, and all were approved. This time around I was luck enough to achive the coveted “Platimum Author” status with Ezine Articles. I’m told that this status cannot be purchased for any amount of money and only a very few EA authors ever achieve it. I’m been writing all my life, and this is a great honor. I’m going to continue to post my list of articles until we reach 100, so here they are for this batch…

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14 HAHD Published Posts

Article #100: eBay Quality Click Pricing Model: Good or Bad?

Article #99: Free Ways to Build More Backlinks

Article #98: Become a Blogging Good Samaritan

Article #97: How to Create a Checklist for Switching Themes

Article #96: What Did I do to Make Money today?

Article #95: The Importance of Pillar Articles

Article #94: HTC Hero Android Cell Phone Review

Article #93: Samsung BD P3600 Review

Article #92: No Web Site or Blog Should Be Without a Contact Form

Article #91: How to Build High Quality Backlinks by Guest Blogging

Article #90: 9 More Ways to get Juice from Blog Comments

Article #89: Change Change a Theme Change Search Engine Positions

Article #88: Can Bing Bring Your Web Site Back from the Dead?

Article #87: Does Google Hate Datafeedr WordPress Affiliate Stores?

Article #86: How to Build Your Own Authority Page

Article #85: 15 Ways to Save Water and Conserver Energy

Article #84: Polybutylene Piping or Blue Poly Problems