*Update* Nov 1st, 2007
Well, after several annoying emails from BlogRush touting their new “2.0 change” I logged into my dashboard and found that I had significant credits. I also checked my blog stats and some blogrush referrals were coming in. So, against my better judgement, I have re-enabled (the thinner) blogrush widget on my blog again to see how it goes. My main complaint is that it just has too much ‘style’ and not enough substance (per blog post). I’d prefer a simple header with some headlines, but you get what you get I guess. We’ll give this a few weeks, and then I’ll post again how it’s going with this thing

end update…

Well, like nearly half the blogosphere – I tried Blogrush since the day it came out until today (about a month?) I have to say, I was not impressed with it at all. I put it in my sidebar because I thought it would bring me some traffic. Here’s a list of reasons why I don’t like Blogrush – and why I removed it today:

  • It doesn’t count right: My account says less than 100 credits, and I’ve had of more than 100 pageviews many times in the last month
  • It’s unappealing: I like to put things on my blog that “I” would use. I never clicked on a single story. The widget is cumbersome…nice looking, but too much flare and not enough meat. I would prefer a smaller border, less graphics, and more headlines (and more words in each headline). I can’t imagine why it would ‘entice’ anyone to click at all
  • I’ve received NO traffic from it at all. Not only do I have way less credits that I should, I don’t have a single referral in my stats from Blogrush at all – not one.

Goodbye blogrush – I will not miss you. It looks like I’m not the only one out there who is ditching it, look at these links:

The Blogrush is on and isn’t degrading gracefully

Anyone Still excited about Blogrush?

This one is great, because it actually gives some numbers on the big guys. ProBlogger only got 50 clicks from 70,000 impressions, and John Chow only got 91 clicks from 27,000 impressions.

Yet Another Blogrush Update

The “I’ve Tried That” blog says they’ve only received 4 clicks for 7,500 impressions.

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