Godaddy – the largest web host in the world, treats hosting like a fast food drive through…

This is installment #3 of JTPratt’s Guide to Web Hosting

I got sucked into GoDaddy the same way that people were sucked into “supersizing” at McDonalds’s when it first started. GoDaddy had slick ads during Superbowl halftime that millions of people noticed. I remember the first ones. They were cool, sexy, funny, controversial – but in the end I remember that domain names were somehow $1.99 there. I had only owned a couple “domain names” over the years, and I always registered them with Network Solutions because they were always known as the most reputable (and the first ever) registrar. But – to register a domain name there (and renew it each year) was for years and years $35 annually. See why I never bought any more domains?

So, a couple years ago I got an idea for a new web site and wanted to try my hand at making some money with it. Up until that point all my personal web sites had been for fun, and the work I did online was either for my day job (web programmer) or for some moonlighting on the side consulting with a few companies here and there needing help. I’ll never forget that first time, because I only wanted to buy one domain name. After I selected it I had an offer “buy .net, .info, and .org for just $5 more” and I thought “really? why not…” so I did. The trick was (at that time) if you buy 3 or more you get the $1.99 price, but just one would have been $8.99. So I had 4 new domain names I think for like $7 – and I thought that was awesome.

It got me thinking, and a few weeks later I had some more web site ideas, and I went back and bought more domain names. They also had a deal where if you bought any single product (like $3.99 web hosting) every domain name you buy is only $1.99. They still have this deal today. So I bought that economy hosting account, and then about 10 new domain names. I have hosting AND 10 new domains for about $24 – sweet!

What GoDaddy sells is “opportunity”. Their marketing is based on “hype” too, and pumping you up to buy lots of stuff “right now” – because they feel that they’ll make it up on the backend when you renew each month, or each year (for domain names). They hope you’ll come back – again and again! I did for the better part of a year. But, much like McDonalds with the “supersizing” – it’s not their fault if you get fat, or if you can’t stop eating. I think the difference is, McDonald’s doesn’t advertise that you’ll become healthier or lose weight by eating their food every day. They may infer you’ll be happier, buy not healthier. GoDaddy, and just about every cheap web host out there thrives on showing you how many “features” they can shove in your account for a very, very low price. When you’re offered 10 GB of space and 300GB of content for only $4 and you’re just starting a web site, you may think “that’s incredible, I’ll never use all that…”. Much like the fact that McDonald’s doesn’t say “it would take 10 miles of running to burn off all the fat from one Big Mac Combo Meal…”, GoDaddy won’t say “we’ll give you 300GB of transfer, but we actually know it’s physically impossible for you to use that much the way our servers are configured…”.

The next post in this guide will be “What Shared Web Hosts Won’t Tell You…”
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