get new rss subscribers from So you want more RSS subscriptions? There are many ways on the web to get good backlinks and link love. The link juice you used to be able to get from link directories has just about dried up for good. What is now very popular is the social aspect of the web – the interactions, recommendations, reviews, clicks, and votes of people. One new thing I’ve seen spun a few different ways now is the “quid pro pro” game or “something for something”. Google hasn’t found a good way to fight this, and honestly I don’t know if they could (or should).

Basically you sign up at, create a free account and add your blog. Then create a review on your site about linking back. Enter your review URL in your profile – and you get a free page on linking back to your site for 10 years! And not just any page, it’s an “RSS Page” which lists the links in your feed. What’s better than having a list of links to your site? In addition, they have a top 100 directory you can get listed in depending on how many views you get to your feed page. Unlike a lot of the little social link love projects this one doesn’t require much effort beyond the initial setup and review. Why not create an account and a review and get your free rss page today? Get more RSS subscribers (and a hug) today!