Do you have a contact form installed on your web site? Some do, some don’t. I find many people don’t have one, or it’s in the wrong place, it’s hard to find, hard to use, or hard to read. First of all – let me tell you a little story. I maintain, fix, and create WordPress web sites for a living. I own about 25 WordPress web sites of my own, and I work on about a dozen+ client WordPress web sites per week. Some are blogs, some niche and affiliate stores, many are for small business and corporate use.

If you have a WordPress powered web site probably the most important page on your web site is your contact page. I’m a WordPress consultant – and sometimes even I forget this. Case and point, I have one web site that gets 25,000 pageviews per day. Two days ago I got a post comment that said “I want to advertise on your site and have no way to contact you – please get ahold of me at this email”. doh! It was also a blog I’m not in every day and the comment was 3 WEEKS OLD! I was just lucky he was still interested when I contacted him, and it was a $400 advertising sale! Not having a contact form almost lost me a sale!

On another web site I had a contact form, but it was on my about page. I wanted to get approval to get my product on that web site listed on Clickbank – so I applied. They said I had to have a page called “Contact”, and I had to link to it from both my sales and features page. I did that, but I did one better – I placed the contact form in my sidebar as well. Guess what, within 48 hours I got 3 emails asking questions about the plugin (before they purchased). All 3 people that asked questions bought the product. Who knows how many other sales I lost by not having a contact form that was easy to find and use!

You have no idea how many people might want to contact you – or what for. Sometimes people want to trade or exchange links, some want to hire you, others want reviews, some want to buy advertising, some people just have a question. You never know, maybe some big corporation wants to buy you out (if your site is really popular). You NEED a contact form on your web site, and not having one (or having one that’s hard to find) is like not having a mailbox on the front of your house!

If a future post I’ll go over my favorite contact plugins details in depth, but for now here’s 2 links:

Contact Form 7: This contact form is lightweight, easy to use, and updated frequently. Many people are very happy with it, and it is popular.

Cforms II: Hands down – this is the best contact form plugin I’ve ever used. But it has TONS of features. If all you want is a single form with a name, email, and comment field – go back and use Contact Form 7. With Cforms II you can build anything from small forms to big surveys. It has a dozen+ styled forms (including one for the sidebar). It has a refer a friend feature, it can save form submissions in the database for review on a reports page later either in place of – or in addition to getting form results in email (which can fail). You can even have this plugin handle all the comments on your web site! It’s my favorite, but it’s a heavy duty plugin for heavy duty work!

Do you have a contact form on your web site?