I write a lot about my blogging mistakes, but sometimes I forgot to write about good articles I’ve read on other sites. Today I came across The Ten most common SEO mistakes on the Dfinitive blog. This is a great article that everyone should read, and SEO should be foremost in your mind at all times – since it will be the single most important factor in driving traffic to your site. You can do SEO in blog setup, blog promotion, and when writing blog content.

You should really read the entire article, but here are some of the points that hit home with me the most:

  • Using “click here” or “read more” for anchor text
  • Not targeting the right keywords
  • Not building enough links
  • Having multipe URL’s for the same page

If you want to bone up on your SEO skills, and keep from unknowingly making mistakes that will hurt your site traffic or search result rankings – you should read, study, and implement the items listed in this article!