I’ve created a new free Blogging network called “Content Exchange! That’s right, and there’s no widgets, no “dropping cards”, no “poking”, no BS! Content Exchange is simply where you network with other bloggers to exchange content, or help, or code.

I had a blurb in my sidebar for 90 days asking for guest posters. I never got a single response. Now I realize that I was just sitting here waiting for people to find me. Through Content Exchange – you find other bloggers and request to exchange content with them! You write a post for their site, and they write one for yours. You could even request a specific topic, or even co-author a post with them. The possibilities are endless, but this is so much better than an Article Directory where you have no idea what kind of site (or how many sites) your post could end up on. You specifically choose a site to exchange with and you exchange original content to be posted only one time. You can write about a topic they choose, and use a byline – or write about your site and link back. Be creative!

If you do this on a regular basis you can build up a network of blogging friends to exchange with all the time! The entire idea here is to network and connect with new bloggers and build some community (and quality content) with other up and coming bloggers. Be your own b5 media and Performancing! You probably can’t beat John Chow on your own just yet – but maybe by partnering with a half dozen other bloggers you have a better shot!

I either belong to or have belonged to most of the famed blogging communities, like blogCatalog, bumpzee, myBlogLog, entreCard and the like. Sometimes they waste more of your blogging time than they do good. At Content Exchange there are no requirements – other than your participation. If you like, you can place a badge on your blog like the one above advertising to your visitors your willingness to exchange content. You can signup and complete your profile in 5 minutes, and simply post in the forum “I want to exchange content” or reply to someone asking to exchange. It’s that simple! I think you’d be surprised how much you will benefit from this. This blog has been online 8 months now – and one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is not networking more with other bloggers!

If you like this idea as much as I do – Signup for Content Exchange, tell your friends, digg and stumble this post, post about it and review it in your blog, and tell your blogging friends as well! I built Content Exchange to help bloggers and be run by bloggers – it will only be successful with your participation!

Question about Content Exchange or something to add? Please – comment now!