Today I’m starting a new series called “Concept to Cash”. I’ve written quite a few series, usually on a specific concept. This series will be a bit broader because I’m going to try and tackle what everyone wants to know: How can “I” make money online?

I may blog about hacking WordPress and other web site tips, but for the most part people read this blog to learn how to be more successful making money on the Internet. I have to be honest, this is something that I’m struggling to get better at each and every day myself. I make money online, but not the kind of money I “want” to be making. More and more people are making money online “coaching” other people to be successful. I would prefer to teach myself to become more successful – and then blog about it, letting You learn from me.

This afternoon when I thought of the title for this series I had “defining moment”. It’s one of those ‘coulda had a V8’ times when you think – “what have I been doing all this time?” I checked the (snail) mail and got my latest issue of “Website Magazine” (it’s free, don’t be stupid – sign up for it). Sometimes I read it, sometimes I don’t, but this month the cover story was about “blogging” so I felt obliged to crack the cover.

I read a few good articles, one about article marketing, the cover story about blogging, and last a 6-step link building plan in ‘SEO Corner’. I also read an ad for a ‘Master Certificate’ in Online Marketing from San Francisco University. I have to admit I was enticed because it contained a course for SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and I thought that would help me a lot right now (being unemployed). Something about the combination of those articles and that ad got me thinking…I own about 20 blogs. What in the heck have I been doing? What is keeping me from making the kind of money I want to make? I initially had a good “concept” for all these web sites, and for one reason or another not a single one has really “cashed” in yet!?

I know how to do all the right “individual” things too, like linkbait, link building, SEO, write good content, setup WordPress, etc. Why can’t I seem to put them all together in the right combination to be successful? This series will map out a concrete easy to follow stragegy to turn any concept into cash!

As something new, I decided to whip out my Webcam that I bought 6 months ago for $10 on (and never used) to try video blogging for the first time. I think one major key to being successful online is being honest, truthful, and real for people and that doesn’t always convey itself best in text. So for the very first time (and in poor quality video) here I am kicking off this series. Since YouTube now allows HD videos, next time I’ll try to up the quality (and tone down the sun a little). Please add me to your RSS reader if you haven’t already, we’re just getting started on this one…