If you want to build links, sponsoring a WordPress Theme is one of most sure fire ways I know of for quality backlinks!

I’ve taken on a lot of WordPress clients this year, and one of the most frequent things I’m asked to do for people is to build links, or get them ranked in the search engines higher so they’ll get more traffic (and make more money). Some people contact me just plain asking of better ways to build links. If you’ve been a reader of my blog for any period of time – you know that I don’t like “gurus”, and I don’t like “quick fixes”. The last thing I want is some crazy kind of link building strategy that works for about a month and then gets you knocked out of google completely!

In analyzing my own competition for this blog I’ve found that the best way to get massive links back to your site for targeted keywords is to get your link added to the bottom of a WordPress theme. My main competitor has over one million backlinks for this very reason, and has only released a single WP theme to date.

You basically have three options:

  • Design and code your own WordPress theme and release it
  • Pay someone to design and code a WordPress theme and release it
  • Sponsor a WordPress theme design and have your link added to the footer

So many clients have asked me for this (or how to do this) I can now offer you the following options:

  1. If you’re not a coder or designer read my post How to Create a WordPress Theme in Minutes
  2. Hire Me to design and code a WordPress theme for you to release
  3. Contact Me to sponsor a WordPress Theme for as little as $200

By choosing one of those 3 options you can either figure out how to create your own custom WordPress theme (with no technical experience), you can hire me to create a custom one for you, or you can sponsor a WordPress theme on one a popular WP Theme download site.

The third option only recently became available through a new partner of mine, and now I can offer you WordPress Theme Sponsorship for as little as $200 per 1,000 downloads. Imagine if a theme is downloaded 1,000 and only half of those people use it on a live site. Let’s say each installed theme is worth about 20 links minimum the first month, that’s 1,000 backlinks! If only half of those people keep blogging beyond a month, that’s 500 new backlinks each and every month they continue blogging!

Considering most link building services charge nearly $200 for just 100 PR1 or PR2 links (more for higher PR) – I believe this is a steal for building links. So much so that I’m only prepared to offer it to the first 10 people that contact me through the form below. I’ve never offered a linkbuilding service like this directly to my readers before (and I may never again). Don’t hesitate if you’re interested, you may miss your chance.