You might remember that image above from my post a few days back EPIC FAIL: Build a Niche Store Kelvin and Adam are Morons. It looks like they are taking their own stupidity right to the bank! That’s right, the official BANS – or “Build a Niche Store” is for sale on for $200,000 starting bid, OR “Buy it Now” for $500,000! Honestly – someone ought to grab that up ASAP! The site (as dead as BANS is) STILL makes $10,000 per month. To anyone with a decent development team and marketing skills – this is a literally HUGE opportunity!

build-a-niche-store-for sale

Like I said in my last post – I never really understood why Kelvin and Adam never did more with BANS. Why they never built more featured, expanded on the platform, never created an API, never partnered with anyone, never added tools to manage content or media, never created direct hooks into WordPress, and what I call the “river of lost opportunity” just runs on and on and on.

Maybe they have enough FU money to not have to worry about it, maybe they just weren’t smart enough to take it to the next level, or maybe they just don’t care. At least they were smart enough to figure out that what they DO have is still (at the present time) worth some money – and they should cash out while they still can.

Do you have the money to take advantage of this HUGE opportunity? I sure wish I did – because in the right hands, that product is just a GOLDMINE waiting to happen…view the Build a Niche Store auction, it will end Oct 15th, 2009.