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5 Key Google Analytics To Watch for Blog Progress

Posted by jtpratt |27 Jan 08 | 9 comments

You have a free tool at your fingertips to track stats for your blog that you could never afford to buy. Google Analytics is an enterprise class application, meaning it

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The Best WordPress Plugins are Ones I use now!

Posted by jtpratt |25 Jan 08 | 5 comments

Do you use WordPress Plugins? Where did you find the best ones? Probably from blogs that were using them! The best plugins I’ve found were being used on blogs I

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The Economy of Entrecard – Worth It or Worthless?

Posted by jtpratt |24 Jan 08 | 27 comments

*Update 01-25-2007* This has become quite the monumental post. I love posts that incite some debate – and make no bones about revisions to correct content, or even change my

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How to fix .htaccess file for mod_rewrite and addhandler on godaddy subdomain

Posted by jtpratt |22 Jan 08 | 21 comments

I’m writing this article specifically for people hosted on godaddy that have had the following .htaccess, mod_rewrite or addhandler problems on shared or premium hosting accounts for various open source

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Content Exchange connects bloggers and quality content

Posted by jtpratt |17 Jan 08 | 17 comments

I’ve created a new free Blogging network called “Content Exchange! That’s right, and there’s no widgets, no “dropping cards”, no “poking”, no BS! Content Exchange is simply where you network

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Adsense Arrows Are New

Posted by jtpratt |17 Jan 08 | 0 comments

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a very long time and just got around to it today. See the adsense ad (image) I pasted to the left as

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Ding Dong TLA is Dead

Posted by jtpratt |17 Jan 08 | 6 comments

Are Text-Link-Ads dead? I think they are. Back in August 2007 I wrote about the google text link ad penalty. It was pretty controversial then. Now it’s pretty much accepted

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10 Minutes Blogging – Worth an Ounce of Gold?

Posted by jtpratt |15 Jan 08 | 5 comments

The amount of money you earn blogging depends on the amount of time you invest. But your blogging “skill” level determines how much you can make from a block of

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Stripe Ad – Great new way to monetize your blog

Posted by jtpratt |15 Jan 08 | 5 comments

There’s a great new free WordPress plugin by MaxBlogPress out called “Stipe Ad” that enables a small strip at the top of every page on your blog. You can place

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OIOpublisher – best blog monetization ad system I’ve see yet

Posted by jtpratt |13 Jan 08 | 6 comments

If you want to fully monetize your WordPress or other blog by selling advertisement space, like 125×125 blocks, links, or paid posts you need a system to take ad submissions

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