blog profitz review Today I’m going to talk about a new service called BlogProfitz, and show you how I’m going to use it over the next 5-6 months. The BlogProfitz service (or engine) uses the “XML-RPC” protocol to auto-publish both original content, and affiliate products to your WordPress powered web site on a regular scheduled basis. There’s a monthly fee for BlogProfitz, and if you’re going to use a service like this – the goal is of course to generate multiple automated streams of income far and beyond what you’re paying for the service.

This is Part 1 of the Blog Profitz Review series.

Blog Profitz Intro

Blog Profitz offers some tools that you won’t find in other products and services online that make it unique:

  • 12 Different Affiliate programs:  create and insert posts with Commission Junction, PayDotCom, Clickbank, eBay, HotelClub, Overstock, Click2Sell, AffiliateBot, Regnow, and Bridealux
  • YouTube Videos:  create posts with YouTube Videos
  • The Content Club:  15,000+ free original content articles for BlogProfitz members to use
  • The ability to post to your blog(s) with XML-RPC eliminates the need to install or use a plugin

Everybody knows that the process of creating a WordPress affiliate store can be both painful, and time consuming. You have to setup WordPress, do some keyword research, create initial categories and do some on-site SEO, find affiliate offers, write original content, build links – you know the drill. Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate part of that process and go directly to building links and doing promotion for the site? Blog Profitz is advertised as a system that does just that. I’ve done a lot of reviews over the years (check my sidebar), and if you’ve read any of them you know that I don’t give you a glossy garbage overview of a product just to shove you through my affiliate link and see if you will buy it or not. I do use affiliate links (that’s how I pay the bills around here), but I prefer to write a series of posts in an on-going review so you can see how I used the product, and what I thought of it over time. This is the first part in that series for Blog Profitz.

Blog Profitz Setup

Blog Profitz has 5 plans ranging from 3 to 100 blogs. I chose to use the second tier, or the ability to use the service with 10 of my blogs.

The first thing you have to do is add in at least one blog to your BlogProfitz dashboard. If you forgot to enable “XML-RPC” access to your blog you’ll get the error like in the image above.

If you get that error, go to “Settings->Writing” in your WordPress powered blog to enable remote publishing via the XML-RPC protocol, as in the image above.

blog profitz review

Once you add at least one web site into Blog Profitz you need to enable all the affiliate programs you’re going to use. All you have to do is click on them one by one and enter your affiliate ID. Once you do, the ones available for you to use (that are activated) will have a green border – as in the image above.

blog profitz review

Once you’ve added at least one blog and setup your affiliate programs you’re ready to start adding “posting rules”. Posting rules tell the BlogProfitz engine what to auto-post to your blog(s). In the image above I created a rule and called it “Father’s Day”. I set it up to auto-post items from Amazon, eBay, and Overstock 3-5 times per day. It’s also setup to grab original content articles from the “content club” for items related to men’s gifts 3-5 times per day. I can choose what blog(s) this rule posts to, and what category to use (per blog). The nice thing is, one rule can post to as many blogs as you want.

blog profitz review

In the image above you can see the options for Amazon items. you choose the keywords, how many products to post, what categories of Amazon to post from, and how many items to post per day. The options vary from affiliate to affiliate, and ebay has had the most options out of the ones I’ve used so far. I will say as well, that eBay works differently with BlogProfitz than you might think. It grabs recent auctions from the same day usually, and the links are unobfuscated rover links. Everyone knows you shouldn’t use rover links, and that all affiliate links should be nofollowed – I don’t know why they’re not. Also – I’m not too keen on having eBay auctions that end the same day – I rather have live ones from the RSS feed. Whoever coded this doesn’t seem to have a decent understanding of how eBay works (or how the better WP eBay plugins work). Maybe I’m a bit jaded on that subject, since I put out WP-Easybay.

blog profitz review

The image above shows the options for adding items with “the content club”. There are literally dozens, and dozens, and dozens of categories to choose from, and more than 15,000 original content articles. These are hand written by staff, not copied or taken from article directories. You can post by keyword, specify how many articles to get, and how many to post per day.

First Day Results

I used my BlogProfitz account to auto-post to 2 web sites. My first site Auto Parts Used Cars is setup to show auctions from eBay Motors. I’ve had this site awhile, and it’s the example site for the custom coding abilities of my eBay WordPress plugin WP-Easybay. What I was lacking was some original content – and blog posts. I had long since setup all the pages in the left sidebar with Foreign and domestic car auctions. With Blog Profitz I setup about 18 rules to auto-post used car auctions 3-5 times per day. I also setup a rule to auto post original content 3-5 times per day. You can see the results on my homepage, there are two original content articles first, and then car auctions. I did rework the original content posts to have line breaks, bold sub-titles, and an image with a keyword alt and title tag. So far, the auctions aren’t posting the description from eBay, and I don’t know why (yet). The title and thumbnail image are coming through just fine. BlogProfitz doesn’t tag anything either, so I had to go back and rework all the posts adding tags. While I was in there I rewrote all the post titles, to see if that would help any SEO wise. It’ll be interesting to see how this site does over the next few days, as it really didn’t ever get any traffic before at all.

Next I decided to try Blog Profitz on a more traditional affiliate site Best Gift For. This is a site that one of my interns started last December, and he ended up quitting before he got any traffic or creating any content. I should say – he got “fired” for not doing anything with it (lol). Seems like the perfect test for Blog Profitz. As I mentioned earlier I setup items to post from Amazon, Overstock, eBay, and original content from the Content Club. As in my other site, the eBay listings don’t have any descriptions, just the image and link. Overstock and Amazon items look fine – I haven’t seen any original content just yet. I might have to choose different keywords.

I also chose two different strategies here. On the Auto site, I posted 117 things the first day. On the Gift site I only posted 9. I’ll be watching and testing these sites over the next few days as neither really got any traffic at all before I started posting with BlogProfitz.


I think the BlogProfitz system is very promising, and it looks like it may work great with some domains I had that weren’t in use. I don’t care what anyone says – there’s no way in hell you can set it up in 5 minutes and start making money, but nothing does that. It does take some thought and consideration for keywords, categories, etc.


  • you don’t need a plugin, there’s nothing to update or upgrade ever
  • it doesn’t just post affiliate products – you can get original content
  • one “rule” can post to multiple blogs
  • the posts are staggered at different times and intervals


  • none of the posts created are tagged
  • you have to post at least one thing per day per rule
  • you can’t put multiple items from a rule in the same post, they have to be separate posts
  • if you have a low traffic blog, cron doesn’t always run and scheduled posts are missed

Keep reading for future posts and updates to the Blog Profitz Review series to see how my sites do, and also to see my strategy for getting them indexed and online authority to get more traffic (and make more money!).

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