If you want “BANS Success” you have to have a strategy for building quality backlinks. This will get your good search listings and better traffic (and in the end make you more money).

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This is installment #4 of the Watch Me Build A BANS Niche Site from Scratch Series. We have a good BANS Niche site setup with eBay auctions and some original content. Now we need to build some links so we can drive organic search engine traffic to it. Today I start building a strategy to build specific targeted keyword backlinks to my BANS site.

If we want “BANS Success” and to make money with our “niche store” we have to drive traffic to it. The other day I talked about building backlinks in forums. I’ve been doing that every day now for the niche store for this series used-cell-phones.info. I’m not going to repeat that info here, you go read that article and learn how I build 24 backlinks (or more) per day posting in forums.

The next way to “build backlinks” for BANS Success is by commenting on other web sites. Some people worry about whether a site does “dofollow” or not, I just want to make sure that the blogs I post comments for are established, important, and have lots of traffic.

When I post comments it’s my intent to accomplish many things at once:

  • Create a quality backlink for search indexing purposes
  • Use Keywords in that link for better search engine placement
  • Use Keywords that are “linkbait” where possible to entice people to click
  • Read the posts on quality blogs daily for blogging tips and help and ideas
  • Blog in the same blog to get “top commenter” spots and hold them for sitewide backlinks on popular blogs
  • Blog on the same blogs so often frequent commenters recognize me, building a brand name

So today I made a list of blogs I thought would fit the bill to regularly post comments (and here they are):


I can add more later, but I commented on these 5 blogs today for the first time using our BANS niche site as the url and “Used Cell Phones” as the name (keywords). I got pretty lucky that a few of the posts had few or no comments at the time I posted, it’s always better to be either the first commentor or one of the first few. Why – because on high traffic sites nearly everyone sees your link and reads your comment! If the site parse’s your last post, or you can wrangle a link to your site in the comments – BONUS!

Look – I’m going to coin a term here (and get on the soapbox), for lack of a better phrase – “Don’t be a COMMENT P*SSY!!” I just made that term up for all the people idiots and morons who post comments like “nice site here”, and “love your blog, keep it up…”. You stupid comment wh0res – you’re creating a backlink and diluting your brand!! Don’t you understand that people actually read these comments? A backlink is fine and dandy, but the other readers that comment and read comments – they own blogs too! Idiots – they ARE YOUR AUDIENCE TOO! If you make an INTELLIGENT and INSIGHTFUL comment that actually adds value to that you become as valuable as the post itself because you’re contributing to ORIGINAL CONTENT.

Ok, I can come down off the soapbox now. Look, comments are important – and you should comment as you would want people to comment on your blog. It’s a little extra work – but well worth the effort. In addition, many blogs have a “comments RSS feed”. That means each comment is treated with a distinct URL. This means normal search indexing rules apply, and comments with better content should carry more weight in the search engines when the comment is indexed.

Here are the comments I made today so you can take a look at them to get some inspiration:

From JohnChow.com today:

john chow comment

From JohnCow.com today

comment on john cow

On Shoemoney.com today

comment on shoemoney.com

The comments I made on both johntp.com and dailyblogtips.com haven’t been approved yet, they should be by tomorrow, and they we’ll have 5 quality new backlinks for our BANS niche site! I posted the images of my comments and linked the posts so you could see (what I think) good comments are. A good comment is as important to your linkbuilding strategy as the keywords you use and where you post them – comment wisely!

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As always – if you have any thing to add that would make this article better (or a question), please comment now below, or Contact Me!