Do you have a separate bank account for your blogging income? If you don’t – maybe you should!

I’m starting a new series called “JTPratt Recommends…” because I’ve been asked a lot of questions both in email and comments regarding the products and services I use as a blogger and online marketer. I read a lot of blogs, and it really bothers me sometimes when I see people like John Chow hawking products that they don’t really use, or letting guest-posters write about products merely to hawk an affiliate link in a high traffic place. If I tell you about something, I will disclose whether I use it or not, and give you an honest description of what I think about it. This series will be about the things that I personally recommend, and not some BS I blog about for a quick buck. I will include an affiliate link where applicable because I’m running an online business and trying to profit from my hard work, but that doesn’t mean I’ll sell you out for a quick buck by linking to crappy stuff. Anything I recommend, I truly stand behind.

WAMU Online Checking
The first item in this series is WAMU or Washington Mutual Online Banking. I call WAMU by “blogging bank account”. If you’re making money online (or just want to save money) WAMU could be a great bank for you. Quite a few years back, I saw their commercials on TV, and just happenned to need a place for my Amazon and other affilate payments to be automatically deposited. It was kind of at a time when you really weren’t sure if you wanted to give your main checking account number and routing number to an online bank. For some of you, there may actually be a Washington Mutual bank near you, but the closest one to me is a few states away. I was intrigued by the fact that the commercial said you could signup in 5 minutes or less AND it was FREE!

So, I gave it a try, and started my account with $5. Ever since I have all my affiliate payments for Amazon, Commission Junction, or anyone else direct deposted to that bank. I see a lot of bloggers and affiate marketers post pictures of their paper checks on their blogs – but I don’t get paper checks! I like the fact that they go into my free WAMU checking account automatically – but even better is the fact that I have a free WAMU Mastercard debit check card, and I got a box of free checks (that I still haven’t used but a few of) when I first signed up. I’ve had to deal with them once or twice over the phone, and the customer service was great. I don’t get any paper statement, and I’ve never had any trouble accessing my account online – not once. I’ve even paid bills and transferred money too and from my local bank quickly and easily. I accidentally screwed up and overdrawn my account once, but with WAMU the first time is free.

I am recommending WAMU to anyone who needs a good reliable bank and place to store or save money. Last year I also started a savings account with them in about 2 minutes, and I move money there as well for safe keeping (money I can’t spend with checks or debit card!). That’s why I call WAMU “the blogger’s bank”!

Do you have an online or secondary bank account for your blogging income?