I’ve done a lot of reviews of WordPress plugins over the years, but none that claimed to automatically build links. As backlinks become like gold, it’s no surprise that there are now all kinds of plugins coming out to try and help you automate the link building process.

SEO Booster Lite

SEO Booster Lite has almost no documentation, and the plugin author’s site only says:

This plugin detects posts/pages you have placed on page two on Google, and attempts to lift them from page two to page one by creating sitewide anchored links on your blog.

It does not make any mention as to “how” or “where” on your blog it does this. On the plugin author’s blog, one post is the first results from SEO Booster, but that’s the only example there is.

After 10 minutes of using it only this blog, it did log some searches, and I do like the fact that it actually tells me which page on google they came from.

seo boster stats example

I guess according to the plugin description, I won’t be able to see how or where it creates “sitewide anchored links” until it actually finds a page 2 google search result to work with. If that happens, I’ll post back here. In the meantime, if you’re interested you can download SEO Booster Lite here. The web site does mention a future “pro” version, but the next plugin was created by the same author – so who knows if he’ll have time to come out with this in the future or not.

Link Launder

Link Launder is an automated link building WP plugin that acts as a free “service”. Basically, all you do is install the plugin as a “set it and forget it” mechanism. It uploads information about your blog and your posts to the central server, and then gives you free one-way links on other blogs back to yours. In return, it places other blog links on yours on random posts and pages. Here are the only setup options:


You can see, besides your username and password, the only thing you have control over is the name of the div the links will be in. You have the option to change the random name so google can’t try and block all blogs containing a div with that name to penalize users of the service.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t eventually be penalized by google or the search engines for using such a service if they somehow find out. You may never be found it – it’s just the risk you take if you decide to use a type of service like this. I think the plugin author has gone to great pains to try and make sure using this service will pretty much go undetected. In addition, the service is growing with 809 users and 204,000 indexed posts. This might be a good choice for one of your up and coming blog, to see how it works for you! I can’t give you any examples on this plugin just yet, as I’ve just installed it on one of my lesser blogs to try it out myself. You can download Link Launder here

Do you have any linkbuilding or SEO plugins that you use? Post them in the comments so we can all check them out!