Affsphere is a new Article Directory (you should belong to)!

If you do article marketing (and you should) – you need to know about the new Article Directory This is a new service recently launched by Affiliate Classroom, a widely respected affiliate learning service. While Ezine Articles of course remains the worlds largest (and most trafficed) article directory – Affsphere puts a new twist on an old marketing tradition.

Most article directories have a “give and take” relationship. You “give” them free content, and “take” a few free backlinks in the byline at the end of the article. But at Affsphere, there is more. In fact – there are 8 different ways to make money with Affsphere in all.

  1. Banner Ads: You earn credits with acticle submissions, by referring new Affsphere members, and reading articles in the system. Use these credits to purchase banner ad impressions within Affsphere pages. Promote your own site, a Clickbank offer, a niche store, anything!
  2. Earn Money with Adsense: You can trade ad credits for Adsense views.
  3. Traffic: Like traditional article directories, the backlinks you create within the articles and bios will make you money in your blogs and niche stores.
  4. Your Downline: In Affsphere, anyone you refer is in your “downline”, and you can make money on people they refer up to 5 levels deep.
  5. Viral Recruiting: Your article pages have your Affsphere affiliate “join” link – so even if you don’t blog about Affsphere, by only submitting articles you can “virally” get people in your “downline”.
  6. Affiliate Classroom Commissions: All links on your article pages, or anyone in your downline that signs up for Affiliate Classroom will earn you commissions. You get $10 per month per member. If you get a lot of people in your downline or a lot of article views this has big potential
  7. Affiliate Commissions: Affsphere is an “affiliate friendly” directory. Unlike Ezine Articles or other article directories they welcome affiliate links. You can use affiliate link directly in the body of your article or in the resource box at the end! Wow – this completely changes the game of article marketing doesn’t it?
  8. Commissions on AffSphere Sales: Anyone who buys courses on AffSphere by clicking on your affiliate links on your pages can earn you $20-$200 in commissions.

I think AffSphere has a lot of potential – it was created with affiliates in mind. I have blogged about the wonders of Article Directory promition and building backlinks – but with AffSphere you can make money in many additional ways, you would be smart to signup today!

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