Until recently, I wasn’t aware of the Google Adsense and Ebay Partner Network (EPN) Privacy Policy Requirements for affiliates. This is serious business folks, if you are listing eBay auctions as an affiliate or using Adsense ads within your BANS Build a Niche Store or blog they you are required to have a privacy policy. If you don’t have one, and you are one of the few sites manually reviewed by EPN or Adsense support – your account can be cancelled. That’s right, cancelled, revoked – no more commissions! It’s part of their terms of service (TOS) you signed up for.

Maintainence wise – this sucks if you own a lot of blogs or web sites. Luckily enough, Synclastic has come out with the Privacy Policy WordPress plugin to make things easier for your blog. This will cover Adsense and EPN needs (if you use BayRSS or PHPBayPro to add auctions to blog pages), you’ll have to copy and paste accordingly and manually add the same information to your BANS niche sites.

The plugin is pretty cool, you just enable it and then create a page, and add this comment code to it:

Then, your privacy policy is auto-generated for you, and you don’t have to do a thing!

Here are the options:

privacy policy plugin options

You just punch in your name and email, and at the option your page title and slug (permalink) and you’re golden!

If your blog is not WordPress (Movable Type, Blogger, Live Journal, Joomla, etc) – you can just use this handy Privacy Policy Generator by SerpRank.