To say that WordPress and Facebook were made for each other might be stretching it, but WordPress users are finding that Facebook offers another outstanding medium for getting their message out. With social networking becoming an increasingly important way to build relationships for business, the fastest growing, largest SN site should not be ignored. These 10 plugins will maximize your Facebook functionality and efficiency when using WordPress.

  1. Facebook Connect – This plugin adds Facebook to your WordPress blog using the Facebook Connect API. It’s handy enough to allow easy publishing of comments straight to the news feed, and provides comment avatars that display Facebook profile photos. Facebook Connect integrates nicely with a single login with your Facebook account.
  2. Share on Facebook – This plugin adds a footer link that enables you to add that page or post to a Facebook mini-feed. When you activate the plugin the link will appear with the Facebook icon and the text “Share on Facebook.” Users will be taken to their Facebook page where they can add the link to their profile. Going viral just might start right here!
  3. Facebook Posted Items – This plugin allows you to pull selected information from Facebook without having to login. You determine which friends you want to draw from, and their posts appear in list and link form. This plugin saves a ton of time scanning through Facebook pages to give you only what you really want to look at.
  4. Gigya Socialize – This very friendly plugin lets you authenticate users through Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL, MySpaceID and more. Update Facebook and your other SN pages right from WordPress and include your RSS feed, and don’t forget to invite your friends and followers to visit your blog or site, too.
  5. JanRain RPX – This plugin allows logins on your WordPress site from Facebook Connect, and also from Google, MySpaceID, LinkedLN, Twitter, and more. RPX makes your site more accessible, and that will boost traffic nicely and increase interaction.
  6. Status Updater – This is a multi-tasker you’ll immediately appreciate. It updates your Facebook status, Group page wall, fan page wall, MySpace and Twitter whenever you post something fresh. Save time and tedium with one simple click.
  7. Fotobook – Fotobook uses the Facebook API for flawless importing of your photo album(s) into your WordPress installation. Link to entire albums or display random or selected photos in a sidebar. Get creative adding images to your blog or site, and increase the time your visitors stay onboard.
  8. Facebook Dashboard Widget – This plugin lets you stay busy working on your WordPress sites and stay connected with your Facebook community at the same time. It’s perfect for checking out the latest happenings without having to login to Facebook. Options including checking status, getting RSS feeds, Facebook notification feed and more are accessed with individual widgets on your WordPress admin dashboard. Your productivity won’t suffer by getting lost on Facebook when you should be writing, organizing, or otherwise administrating!
  9. Friend Bookmarklet – This is a great way to know if promoting your blog or site on your Facebook page is paying off. Friend Bookmarklet detects Facebook links, hcards and searches, giving you the opportunity to add those folks to your WordPress links network.
  10. Wordbook – Wordbook is a simple and effective way to get your latest blog onto your Facebook wall, where your “boxes” tab will list your most recent offerings.

For many users of this versatile tool, WordPress is becoming the command center for their social and business networking, in addition to its workhorse nature for blogging. These tools focus on Facebook integration, combining the sleek and flexible usability of WordPress with the hub of social networking for growing millions. Maybe they really were made for each other!

James Adams is a full time staff writer working for Cartridge Save where he reviews products such as the HP 342 ink cartridge. He also helps update their blog about design and advertising.