Web Worker Daily has a nice article How to Get Attention for Your Web Site. Give it a read – it will give you some good ideas. Often I read things on Web Worker Daily that are great ideas, and I always seem to wish their post had more meat to it. I’m dig a little deeper and give you real action points to drive real targeted traffic to your web site or blog and make it stronger than ever!

They touch on seven points:

  1. “Invent a meme, then write a book on that meme.”
  2. “Becoming famous for something is going to be your answer,”
  3. Target women.
  4. “Community is integral.”
  5. “Be accurate.”
  6. Provide information people can’t find easily on Yahoo or Google.
  7. Get locked into a person’s “ritual.”

I’m going to tackle these one by one – so pay attention! I call this “7 Steps to a Waterfall of Traffic” because I think of it as a fire hydrant on the corner and you have the wrench. It’s your job to slowly use that wrench to turn on the water. It would be a lot of work – but with consistent effort you could probably turn that thing on little by little, and water would come out….a little at first, then a little more, then quite a bit, and eventually you’d have a river flowing in the street. These seven steps – when followed consistently and worked well, WILL turn your fire hydrant on and then on a river of traffic for you!

1. “Invent a meme, then write a book on that meme.” Ok this may seem redundant, but for those that don’t know here is a definition of a meme: “unit of imitation, catch phrase, fashion, ways of doing something, etc.”. “You might be a redneck if…” jokes are a PERFECT example of a meme. So are the recent wave of Chuck Norris jokes the last few years, and that’s a great example of actually taking a meme and doing something with it. Having a meme no one looks at as the same as a site with no traffic. If you invent a meme, it’s sole purpose should be to virally put your site on the map! Another way I think this should be described is to make sure your site has as targeted theme. Let me revise that – a highly targeted theme. And within that theme or niche – develop a meme.

You still may be confused. The meme is NOT your site theme or niche (usually, although it could be). To me, normally your site is on a topic and your meme is something that makes it unique (repeately). My best example is I Can Has Cheezburger. This site is HUGELY popular now and has been featured on many national television programs. The site posts funny animal pictures, and the meme is the funny mispelled captions. You could have a travel site with a section where people submit their “vacation gone wrong” pics, or a bunch of blogging sites could all collectively post “top 5 web sites I read every day”. Use a meme….imitation – repeatable…make it viral, turn it into traffic!

2. “Becoming famous for something is going to be your answer”. Basically this is the old “do one thing and do it well” rule. Many people have become incredibly wealthy by doing this online. Like the 17 year old girl who makes $70,000 per month, along with many others. When I listen to the radio I hear guys call in that own DVD Review or Music Review sites sometimes that they’ve built in their basement that have become their full time job. They focused on one thing and worked and worked and worked until it paid off. Look at Jump the Shark, which was another site “made in the basement” by one man for several years, and then TV Guide bought it from him for several million dollars.

3. Target women.. I think this point is wrong. It should say “target a specific demographic”. Don’t get me wrong – targeting women is a great idea. There are so many areas you could break into, from accessories, to jewelry, social issues, salary, jobs, kids, family, sex, relationships, and on and on and on. But the same could be said if you targeted teens, seniors, asians, Oklahomans, or NFL fans. A specific demographic will probably be visiting your site – find out who they are and cater to them.

4. “Community is integral.” This point is one of the most important, and the one most overlooked. Are you building a community in your web site or blog? How? First your site at least needs to be interactive and allow comments. You also need a contact form. Do you allow voting on posts? Do you reward people in any way for commenting? Do your run polls or contests? Do you allow guest posting? Do you have forums? Do you network with site owners that have the same types of content? Community is building reasons for people to come back other than your content. Someone with enough passion to answers strangers questions in your forum. Someone who want to comment, and then come back to see the replies. Someone who wants to write a guest post for you and then tell others about it. Other sites that will exchange links with your or review your site for the same in return. People who want to see if they won your contest or check out new submissions. Content is KING, but that KING has to live in a Community!.

5. “Be accurate.” You can’t overlook this one. When your writing content – verify and check your facts (twice). Think about this this a restaurant. If you have good service and good food – you might tell a few friends or family. But if you had bad service or bad foor your gonna tell everyone you can think of, and then some. As a matter of fact you might go on about it for a week – or months! If you write a great post with great details many will read, and you have a slight chance of having it picked up by digg or reddit or stumbleupon or something. But – if you write a bad post with glaringly wrong details – people are 5x-10x more likely to complain and forward it on. Who wants create a “negative buzz” and have people saying “can you believe what this idiot said”? For your own sake, get it right the first time.

6. Provide information people can’t find easily on Yahoo or Google. This a great idea, but maybe it could be stated differently. Think of it this way…did you ever need to figure out how to do something and you had to search, and search, and search on google to figure it out? You should immediantly write a great post or article about it so YOU become the expert on it, and then people searching for it (if you do the right SEO) will find you and not waste hours (like you did). You could also hone in on searches where people have to gather lots of into from various places. Make a “roundup post” chock full of all the info you could find on something. About.com has become very successful doing just this very thing on a zillion topics. You may have recently seen posts on WordPress topics over at Mashable.com, like this one: 50 WordPress plugins for Multimedia. I would have to spend a couple hours on google to get that targeted info, so that mashable pages gets VERY HIGH RATES of bookmarks and social site referrals. If you provide information that saves people time – you will not only get lots of bookmarks and social traffic, but if you stucture your post properly you will also dominate the search result pages.

7. Get locked into a person’s “ritual.” This one takes a little thinking, and actually is kind of part of some of the previous points. You want to have your site content in some way become part of a person’s online daily routine. For example, every day I visit bloglines.com. Everyday I visit eBay and my local daily newspaper’s online site. Have some kind of content that keeps people not only coming back, but often and routinely. That could be a contest, a “top 10 list” updated daily, “deal of the day”, “free code of the day”, “joke of the day”…you get it. Now if you can this into your community building efforts, make it a meme, AND something people can’t find on good – well, all the better!

I hope this helps you bring more people to your site and make it stronger than ever! Please if you have ideas that would help others, or want to add something to one of these points – please let us all know and leave your comment now!